Just The Facts
El Serpentine’s a rock ’n rolly sort of amphibian. Actually I love music in general. To me, there’s only two types of music: good music and bad music. Within the umbrella of “good music” could be anything from Black Sabbath to Beethoven. So rock on with your sock on, alright already?

My Kick-Ass Life
From 1981 thru ’86 I was a student of Fine Art. From 1983 thru ’96 I was a member of the metal punker band Moral Disgust. From 1984 thru ’94 I had hundreds of rock journalism pieces published (in the future we will expound
on this literature here on this website). From 1986 thru ’92 I promoted concerts. On into the later ’90s & early 2000s I find myself coming full circle into dabbling in many of these former activities again. Plus I am becoming a pretty successfully proficient digital audio engineer, and spend a lot of time promoting the music of late guitar god Tommy Bolin. For the future I hope to be successful in whatever endeavors I try next, and I also hope to never, ever become “normal.” Carpe diem!

El Serpentine Online
Online, I am most active in rock fan activities, most notably for Tommy Bolin, and KISS. I also enjoy chats concerning Iggy Pop, the Residents, and Snakefinger. I am currently working on revising the pages for the Tommy Bolin Appreciation Society (TBAS), which will appear here, so check back in a while. TBAS is a general concept for Tommy Bolin fan-based activities. E-mail me for more info about myself, Moral D, or any of the other bands I have listed. That’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it.

Spanning 1982-96, Moral D was a rock band with a heavy duty uncompromising sound. The band did almost all original music, but also was known to cover material as diverse as Cheap Trick to Iggy to Tommy James to Effigies to Coven to The Dead Boys to Quiet Riot. On a couple of occasions circa 1984 the band’s live performances started riots in the clubs they played in (this was in the Fox Valley region of Wisconsin, USA). Moral Disgust shared the stage with such legendary bands as Black Flag, NOFX, Husker Du, Circle Jerks, Descendants, M.I.A., The Dicks, Rhythm Pigs, Doughboys, Dr. Know, Saint Vitus, Toxic Reasons, Offenders, R.K.L., and Plasticland. Moral D got their name from a quote by a Playboy centerfold, “I want to have a date with moral disgust.” Hey! Ho! LET’s GO!!

Musicians in Moral Disgust
1982-83: Jeff DeGoey, Chris Propp, & The Flying P Brothers.
1983-84: Jeff, the P Brothers, Dave Moore, & Sal Serio.
1984-86: Jeff, Dave, Sal, & Eric Liddell
1986-91: Jeff, Dave & Sal with a host of bassists (Mr. P, Paul G, and J.J.) this includes the Acid Reign* phase of the band
1991-93: Jeff, Sal, & Chris
1993-96: Jeff, Sal, & Dave.

*Other aliases were N.O.B. and Psuethsayer... then there was that one gig at the Town Motel (Oshkosh) where we weren’t listed as anything because we played uninvited!

Moral Disgust Shows List
Click HERE to see a list of shows played by Moral Disgust and Acid Reign.

View Sal Serio’s 2014 interview with Robby White. Sal discusses his music with Moral Disgust and beyond, as well as some of experiences as a music journalist and radio show host.