The 2002 Tommy Bolin Music Festival

My adventures playing in the Bobby Berge Project in Sioux City.

The 2002 Tommy Bolin Music Festival was held on Saturday, August 10, 2002 at Chautauqua Park in Tommy’s home town of Sioux City, Iowa. I drove out from Denver to play guitar in the Bobby Berge Project. The headliner that year was Rick Derringer. We had one rehearsal on Friday night, just a couple of hours after I got in from Denver. Here are some photos from the rehearsal, a motel room jam, the show, a trip to Tommy Bolin’s grave and the Sunday afternoon post-fest jam at John Nash’s Crosstown Cafe.


Bobby Berge: Drums
David Hare: Vocals
John Herdt: Guitar
David Napier: Baritone Sax
John Birch: Alto Sax
Sam Irish: Bass

With special guests Johnnie Bolin and Jim Dandy Mangrum

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