Colorado 2006

Returning to Colorado to see friends and places and have some jams.

Boulder Revisited

Bobby played at the 2006 Tommy Bolin Music Festival in Sioux City on August 26, 2006. Following that he took a trip to Colorado, his first time back in about 10 years. Bobby had moved from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Boulder in 1970 to play with Tommy Bolin in Zephyr, and then spent most of the following years in Boulder or Denver until 1995, when he moved back to Iowa and South Dakota. Here are some of Bobby’s favorite places in Boulder, places where he and Tommy performed or had great times together. Fans of Zephyr and Energy can see historic places like the Glen Huntington Bandshell where Zephyr played, Tulagi where the Tommy Bolin Archives’ Energy Live at Tulagi CD was recorded, two apartments where Tommy Bolin and Karen Ulibarri and more.

The Brighton Jam, September 2, 2006

On Saturday afternoon the day before his return to South Dakota Bobby rented a drum kit and got together with John Herdt and Tom Thorsen at Tom’s studio in Brighton, Colorado. Tom also brought in his friend Dan Brine, and Dan brought in his friend Billy Sucke. Some tracks from that jam can be downloaded at bottom of page.

Here are a few tracks from that jam. Bobby Berge: drums; Tom Thorsen: keyboards; John Herdt: guitar and slide guitar; Dan Brine: guitar and vocals; Billy Sucke: bass and vocals. Bless Dan Brine, who passed away on August 3, 2008.

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